Certe incertezze #6: la prima clip video e la copertina

immagine copertina: ©Sabphoto | Dreamstime.com
immagine copertina: ©Sabphoto | Dreamstime.com

Nella breve attesa che si separa dalla pubblicazione a voi la copertina e la prima clip del nuovo romanzo.

Che ne pensate? Rende l’idea dell’incertezza e della speranza per il futuro?

Per chi non avesse capito, si tratta di un romanzo di formazione.

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London sweet London

London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I live here from about a while with my friends. And I never seen a city like London in this way…

What way?

Are you curious? Well, I mean in the way Mattia Bicchi‘s seen London with his eyes, with his job, a wonderful video about our London sweet London.

You can hate London because it’s too rainy, you can love London because you feel free and secure, you can love because you’re in the center of the World, but surely I’m a bit scared by this city.

London sweet London has a lot of faces. And just living here you can try to look for them, you can find them, but, at the end, if you live here there will be a reason, maybe a very special one, or simple because you were here one day and you said yourself: «Well, I’d like to be here, surely better than any other place, maybe». That maybe make you fall in love with the city… Don’t you think?

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